What is “Funny” and how do you get that way?

I met one of my my best friends under some pretty interesting circumstances.

I was dating a loser. Not just a loser, but the kind of loser that only my disturbed little heart could pick out. You know…the kind that still lives with his domineering ethnic very catholic parents and just has to do “This short stint in jail because he had fourteen marijuana plants growing on federal land and a great big chemistry set in an abandoned storage locker.”


That was one of my “winners”. Crazy right wing anarchist with a really poorly concealed grow operation and a meth lab in a storage locker. Come to find out he wasn’t actually DOING the meth, just selling it…to pay for college…where he held a 4.0 in organic chemistry.

You know, till the major court battle and year of jail time three weeks into our dating.

Silly Overly loyal me. I hung in there. I stood by my man. The only good thing I got out of that three year fiasco was a best friend. I ditched the man and kept her.

Our friendship started under rather unorthodox circumstances. You see he had dated her…He was trying to keep both of us, and unbeknownst to him we had gotten wise to his game and spent a good three years trying to get me out of what had ceased to be a relationship and became a hostage situation.

People do funny things when they are in bad circumstances – I instinctively clung to the other woman, and eventually got rid of the man. Six years later, we still lay on the bed and giggle manically over nyan cat and talk about almost everything – while last I heard…he’s still up to his old tricks.

The point of this is this. I don’t have many friends, but the ones I do are forged in fire. Hemingway said when he spoke of writing that “A man’s got to take a lot of punishment to write a really funny book.”. The same can be said of life and of anything. The best jokes are earned and they are funny because they are true, and able to be related to.

Lesson here? Nothing in life that’s worth having comes easy at all.


I am NOT perfect, but I am happy, and it’s because of terribly imperfect situations like that. The metaphorical diamonds that get pressed out of life’s little coal fields.

Now that I’m done being all “y so srsface”

I’d like to wish a Happy 21st birthday to one of my readers. 21 is one of those perfect years if you let it  be. It seems like it takes a million years to get to 21, and trust me – one day you’ll blink and you’ll almost be 30. You’ll blink again and you will 45. Time gets away from you at this age. Go to a show, Get naked somewhere you shouldn’t – Take a chance and hop in the back of a van and see if it takes you somewhere interesting. Do some damage – We damaged people always have the best stories. Live. Now is the time young Padiwan – Decide where your life is going and run in that direction.

I’ve been so serious today.

I leave you with this…click it if you dare.

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