The Internet is a scary place

So, for those of you who don’t know…I live on the internet.

If I could, I would live on here. I would actually beam myself directly into the web and ABSORB ALL THE MEMEs.

I spend a vast amount of time on the internet. 

If I was able, I’d move in and get a nice spot between all the porn and video games. 

I’d wear a raincoat and take in all the glorious ridiculous over-stimulation. 

As I am trying to stay focused and write this, A friend keeps sending me ridiculous videos.

So far I’ve seen cats recovering from a vet visit falling all over the place, A skittles boom box and an old video from the fresh prince of bel air.


I was recently hospitalized when my right ovary and a couple kidney stones decided my life was going waaay too well, and I needed a little pain and suffering.


I am currently on enough pain meds to make a whale cross eyed (and yet, somehow still in pain). 


I’m not making a ton of sense and I promise you all a more coherent update later. 


Be Good.


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