I don’t understand people

So many things have come to light recently.

I miss the days before you had to broadcast everything all over the internet for it to be real. The days when as long as your family, and friends knew what was going on – oh, and if you were dating someone – the other person, that’s all that mattered.

Those of you who know me, know that I DESPISE few things more than broadcasting intimate details about my personal life to large groups of people. I think it’s cheap. I think in many ways it takes something that is beautiful and private and means the world and turning it into a footnote in someone else’s consciousness. The intimate details of my life are more precious than that.

Now, I want to be clear. If this is how you choose to share these moments in your life, I have nothing against you for it. Just don’t expect me to start posting about how this (hypothetical) date I went on was the most romantic thing I’ve ever experienced – and then detailing it. That’s not my style. That will never be my style.

I’m not even comfortable listing my relationship status on Facebook because those people that need to know already do. I’m not some trophy to wave around in front of everyone, and neither is the person I love.

When did we, as a society slip into the mentality that something isn’t real unless it’s chronicled on a website?

I have 400+ “friends” on Facebook. Most of you, I have met in real life. Some of you, I game with. No offence, but I can count one one hand those of you that I want knowing details about my relationship, or my love life. I can count on two hands those of you I’d tell things about my family or problems I am having at work.

It’s just the way I’ve always been.

Maybe i’m finally getting too old for this shit.

I don’t talk about things because they are far more strange, and complicated and wonderful than anyone really needs to know.

My love life (And yes, there is one *gasp* I’m in love, and have been for awhile) is also deeply personal, and like most good things – a complicated situation, so, no..I won’t be answering any questions about it.

I fail at interpersonal relationships. Friendships. Everything having to do with relating to other people.

I always have. My track record with exes is…checkered with awful because I, inevitably, mess things up somehow.  I misconstrue something, or I over think things. I read a situation wrong and over react. I do some crazy thing to take things to a different level of wrong…you know, the usual.

What is your opinion on the over sharing that happens in social media?

I miss the days when things could just…be…


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