Oh look a squirrel!

So. I get distracted very easily.

I sit down and I tell myself that I am going to write something that makes sense.

Three hours later I’m on you tube watching Donald Glover talk about fighting a midget. Again.

I have all these wonderful thoughts in my head that I need and want to communicate, and truthfully, I always have very wonderful, and eloquent ways planned to communicate those thoughts. Until I sit down to write. Then the internetz eats my brain.

I feel like a kid in school who knows that they need to write a paper. They have all the resources gathered. They actually even like the topic – They just have to write the essay. When they sit down to start typing however…they start double checking the info and somehow wind up watching cat videos for hours.

(In case you were wondering…that’s exactly what happened to me earlier. Cat videos and stand up comedy. Like this. Dude..it’s a Friggin BARKING CAT.

See! How could you NOT get distracted by that! But…again I digress.)

My dreads look crazy today. I slept with them up in a ponytail, and when I took them down, I looked like one of those troll dolls after being held upside down and shaken. I wore a hat for the first few hours today.

Then I actually did my makeup. Makeup is an art to me, but most days I don’t bother doing my own – usually because I have zero attention span and to do it really well, takes time and focus. Especially if you want a sexy smoky eye.

So, I started out to do something really classy and pretty and wound up with this.

I know that’s low quality, but I took it with my phone.

All I really had the attention span for was foundation, concealer, eyeliner, basic eye makeup and lips.

I’ve been so easily distracted lately. This usually happens when I’m in a lot of pain. I turn into someone withe the attention span of an ADD kindergartner without her Ritalin.

I have a lot going on personally and health wise that I’m not really ready to release into the public sphere yet.

That being said. Updating today is an act of discipline and I’m not even really sure why. I have plenty to say…I just can’t focus long enough to say it.



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