Rumor has it…

I’m a 30 year old woman, and I’ve found myself trapped at the top of a rumor mill. The object of misinformation and flagrant bullshit throwing. The internet is a strange place. I was/am fairly active in the role play community on a tight knit world of warcraft server.

I went into this adventure aiming to make friends. I learned very quickly that you couldn’t breathe funny and not have someone nipping at your heels to say some bullshit reason why this may be. It would take forever to address all of these rumors, but there is one I think I need to go ahead and address.

There are some whoppers I’ve heard over the years – the one about me being a hooker was funny. If I were getting paid to have sex, I’d be working as a high class escort because I’m expensive, and my standard of living would be MUCH better. I’d also be in a better mood. Sex makes people happy.

I digress though. I am not, nor have I ever been abducted by aliens. Nor do I believe I have. I have no alien implants. I have no alien babies. It is not my fault people don’t understand sarcasm.

Rumors are very strange things sociologically. Someone hears something, they repeat it, add in their observations and opinion. Rinse, repeat. Somewhere in them, is usually a spec of truth. You just usually have to dig, hard.

I think that from now on, I should hire someone to follow me around with a disclaimer. Passing it around. It would say something to the effect of “Sarcastic to a fault. Kind of an asshole. Means well.”

My whole life I’ve drawn attention and malice alike. I’m not quite sure how. One friend once described it as a “lightning rod for stupid.” The whole culture of rumors kind of angers me though. It’s like saying “You know, this can’t be true. There is just no way. But I’m going to spread it around anyway. Fuck it. I don’t know the person. What harm could it do?” News flash. It HURTS. It does a lot of harm. Stop it. Just, think before you speak. Or you may wind up called out on your own stupidity when the person hears what is being said.


To cap it off, here’s a pic of me, not giving a single fuck and enjoying my life.


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