Chance encounters and the moments that come after.

The last quick update I gave you all was from Chicago, in the middle of what was probably the most personally challenging thing I had managed to do in a very long time.

I have been on a real kick lately about saying “yes” to challenges presented to me. Opening the door and allowing things that may be coming my way to develop.

…And I walked away from it with a board position on a professional theater company in one of the best theater cities in the country.

I spent two weeks living in the house of two people I had never met in person in any real manner before I showed up at their door. One room of their lovely house was turned into a costume shop where I spent more time than I care to catalogue cursing at broken needles and wading through a crash coarse in “Making friends” (Which I am already super awkward at) – Needless to say – I had to come home and think about some things before I could write about it.

All of this started – as some of the best things in my life lately have – On World of Warcraft. One of the guilds I am in seems to have an unusually high ratio of amazing people who also happen to be talented and productive. One of my NOW good friends was mentioning putting on a show in Chicago. I told him “Hey, if you need any help let me know.” Honestly not expecting him to say a word to me about it.

It started out with a request to help fundraise and do some makeup – as makeup is kind of my thing. I went up for auditions, met the crew and saw things begin to take shape. That day I was asked “So, hey…Wanna do some costumes?” In the spirit of wanting to work with awesome people, I said “Sure. I can do that.” And my journey began.

The cast ended up being nine very strong willed, incredibly talented women – The play was Terry Pratchetts “Wyrd Sisters” (From the Discworld series) and it turned out amazingly.

That being said. I clothed nine women in multiple costumes I built from scratch including three custom corset pieces – on a $491 budget.

It was…A special kind of work there.

Also? I did it without any other help from any seamstresses.

…And halfway through my construction process – My serger broke. Not just broke but sparked out, smelled like burning.

I bit the bullet and had to shell out money that I couldn’t really afford myself to get the only think I could – a basic sewing machine, and add the two or three hours per garment to do the french seams.

Most of the finishing didn’t get done until I was up in Chicago for tech week. The biggest reason for that is that I didn’t get the last part of the budget until RIGHT before I left to come up. It was THAT kind of thing…I am pretty sure that we were all trying to figure out what we were all doing.

I did all of this on top of full time hours trying to make my normal living (Which for me is many hours a week more than most people work).

Aside from my own insanity (Because I love a challenge) – this turned out to be one of the – if not the best decision I made in years. I made several new friends, people that I can see myself working with for a long while to come.

I will have more to come on this in part two in the next couple days – Right now…I’m just really scattered all over the place.

Have fun guys!

xo xo xo



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