The light coming on

2013, while less rocky than 2012 –  was the year of the unexpected lesson. I usually try and do these retrospectives a little closer to new years but, lets face it…I’ve been busy living and so have you.

As I said before, 2013 was the year of the unexpected lesson. As things settled into the year, I was comfortable in things. I was in a good place mentally. I was open and soaking it all in. Within the first week, old flames started trying to burn the house down.  The inferno raged after that for the longest time.

I’ve made many enemies, 2013 showed me that. Mostly people who do not speak to me directly, and who rely on the opinions of others to decide how they are supposed to feel. You know…children.

So far, 2014 has been extremely productive.

With any luck, my writing partner and I will be finishing our book soon. I have been invited to speak on several podcasts. I will also be doing some performance art again. Friends who I thought I would never speak to again have come back into my life and I’ve been given the chance to not only explain myself, but re-kindle friendship that was ripped from me by lies and slander.

I’m working on my focus, which Is hard for me. I’m also working on ignoring those who would see me publicly make an ass of myself. Those who I know read this and decide to publicly slander and attack me.  The tide is turning and my years of hard work to repair both myself, and my image are finally starting to feel like they are taking root and blossoming.

To those who have supported me – I love you all.

To those who have actively torn me down recently – I’m sorry that your life is so empty that you have nothing better to do than harass someone you haven’t spoken to in years. I am not going to waste my time being angry at you. You aren’t worth it.

Hope you all are doing well.

Happy belated new year-



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