Ask not for whom the bell tolls…

…Mostly because it will likely give you an answer that you really don’t want.

It has been awhile again since I wrote anything here. There are some very good reasons for that, but they only sound remotely NOT like excuses in my head. To put it simply – I’ve been doing work that sucks the very life out of me creatively, I’ve been dealing with the whole “Auto-Immune system trying to eat my face” thing and you know…other stuff.

Things have been relatively calm around here for the most part. There has been some ultra depressing stuff going on as usual but that is best saved for me screaming about it loudly into a pillow at night (Use that image as you will).

I’ve been pushing myself to get out and be more social. This whole “Meet new people” thing is about as alien to me as it would be if I would suddenly wake up and start giving a flying fuck about professional football…Or recreationally chewing glass.

I’ve met some really interesting people, don’t get me wrong. One person in particular I have actually opened up to and made a connection with. It still feels very alien to me. I cannot for the life of me think of any reason that a grown adult person who lives in the “real world” would want to hang out with me. I have more comic books than a 15 year old boy with an allowance that Bruce Wayne would give. I play video games like it were my job…I still actively participate in Role play games (And I even run them!) as well as developing a really unhealthy addiction to Netflix.

In other words, I’m the female version of a man child. I’m what happens when Enid Coleslaw, Juno McGuff and the avengers all get together and have a baby – And it comes out already cynical and addicted to media (Give me a break guys, it’s 4 am and that sounded good in my head).

I’ve been slowly climbing out of my creative funk though. Little by little. Moment by moment. I started this post at like 3pm and I left it alone because I had to go work. When I came home, I fell into a game coma and just recently extracted myself.

I’m going to make myself write more tomorrow, but the purpose of this post is mostly to let you all know I am alive and well. That I am working on some things, and with any luck I’ll be getting paid to write things again here soon.

Until next time –



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