I’m trying this from my phone.

Today, it happened.  A man called me by his ex girlfriends name. He did so while talking to his son. I actually didn’t get mad. I’m 31, not married,  no kids and im pretty sure that my uterus is turnin to stone.

Not that I want children, i’m just hitting that point in my life where my values have changed and I am no longer upset by what used to really get under my skin. There was a time in my life where this would have caused me to backhand someone.

Im glad ive chilled out. 

I have been officially offered my first writing column.  Ill link it on here if and when the review goes up. Im taking a break here to watch some TV and update things. I hope to pull people into the site. Everyone has to start somewhere you know?

Other than that, ive been busy. Working my tail off. The usual.


Hope all is well with all of you


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