Hangovers get worse when you get old


I never used to get hangovers.  Then I got old. Yes…I am aware that I look busted up in that pic. Possibly with a lazy eye.

I was at a bar named Big Babys in Anderson. There is a karaoke. Much singing. Many whiskey. 

I will never again attempt to sing 99 red balloons in German. I got seranaded with Sinatra. 

Today, im writing an article for the perv site I work for on what its been like being a geek….being a girl and having dated many men who pretty much were not geeks…and why it makes things complicated. 

Until then….i’m gonna eat Cadbury cream eggs,  drink smart water and I’m gonna make a mix of songs I want to sing at karaoke.  I think im ready to start singing again. 

Love to you all.



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