A funny thing happened on the way to the lobotomy…

When Talking to my writing partner about a show we are starting to write (A comedy about human sexuality) – This happened.

Me: “Great, so I’m your bed frame.”
Louis: “Wait what? What are you even talking about.”
Me: “I’m your fucking bed frame. No one ever talks about the bed frame, even though it holds the bed up…gives it support…structure…No…EVERYONE just wants to jump on the bed.”
Louis: “My bed frame has posts. That’s something…You are an amazing writer. You keep me in the ball…keep me focused. On anything longer than short story I am basically useless. Did I mention my bed has posts? You are MUCH more on the ball than I am”
Me: “I have to be on top of the ball practically humping it – Because I don’t have one quarter your natural talent.”
Louis: “…….”
Me: “Okay..You are quiet. Must have just dawned on you that I am dead partner weight.”
Louis: “Not at all…I’m thinking about you in the corner getting inappropriate with an exercise ball. No means No Lexx.”
Me: “…………So. Posts huh?”


Lately, I’ve been having a particularly large and long crisis of confidence. I am pretty sure that as my writing career begins to take shape…If you can call what I do by the words “Writing” and “Career” in the same sentence. I am pretty sure that as this develops and unfolds…I am being forced to face down every voice in my head that likes to scream obscenities at me…or tells me how GOD AWFUL I am at everything is just speaking into a megaphone these days.

I am sure that my friends are sick of my existential crisis at this point.

If they aren’t they soon will be…because I am not planning on shutting up.

This whole process has been really strange. I have been working on “Honing my craft” in private for years – like I have with my makeup and other things in my life. Only Makeup never made me feel like I wanted to peel my skin off and wear it around like a hat while screaming my deepest secrets to the world. If it did – then it was only the one day…

Honestly, I am beginning to understand why all writers are strange.

Why I am strange too.

What has everyone else been up to?

Xo Xo Xo



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